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Silent Movie Night at the Egyptian Theater

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The Egyptian happens to be one of only a few movie theatres with their original pipe organ still intact and operational. Sean Rogers is the resident organist and will be demonstrating the organ with its huge variety of sounds, including bells, whistles, drums, sirens and the like.  All of the sounds that one could imagine as the sound track of a movie will be generated in appropriate timing for the movies, but will be generated live by the organist.
The movies that will be shown on March 6 were chosen from the collection of silent films produced by Nell Shipman, a lady who lived the life in northern Idaho in the 1920’s with her wild animals and filmed them in action.  The movie “A Bear, A Boy and A Dog” were filmed by her using her son and a wild bear is main characters.   It is a sweet film and will be enjoyed by the whole family, as will the madcap adventures of a 1921 Maxwell automobile in the second movie “Something New.”  Nell Shipman was a pioneer in the movie making business, being a woman and being in Idaho.  Boise State University has a section of their Albertson Library dedicated to this enterprising lady, and these two films are included in this library.  Much more about Nell Shipman can be learned from their librarian.  Both of the movies being shown will be great family entertainment and a unique sight/sound experience few people will get to enjoy.

General Admission: $12.00
Seniors (60 or better) & Students: $10.00
Youth (under  13): $5.00
Contact Elsa Bennett for tickets and information at: or call 375-2794

All proceeds will benefit the Kiwanis International Eliminate Project.
Visit  for more information.


Occurs once: Mar 6, 2013 (6:30 PM to )

Egyptian Theater
, Boise, Idaho

Ticket Price: Gen Adm: $12, Seniors & Students: $10, Youth: $5
Ticketing Phone: 375-2794
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